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I have no idea what to say here as im never good when talking about myself , but let me tell you all why I started this blog in the first place, as everyone i got bored of the playing second life specially GE, took a break and came back and still didn’t feel much passion about it. One day someone told me why don’t you start a blog, you take picture well and have good taste in outfit, so I thought to myself why not ? it may consume my free time and give me new addiction :D.

The problem was I have no idea how to start so I had to search the web and watch YouTube every day till I come out with this blog , i know it’s not perfect but I’m sure by time it will develop. Please don’t hesitate to leave me comments in order to enhance the quality of the blog. The blog won’t be restricted for fashion only I may blog about places in second life and even character, Enjoy all <3

Snowy Al-Waffa



[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xlz2epBtf8g]

Note :

I don’t work for any designer in second life nor I advertise for any products , I do it as a hoppy as all outfit I get by my own that fit to my own taste only . All of the pictures I take without editing the clothes to give the items its real look, I only play with pictures lightning and that’s all.

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